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About Us

Boring Bob's Race TOURing Company has been growing since the MAY of 1975.  ALL listed NICE CAR TOURs are personally eScorted by BORING BOB.  Special attention is centered on providing more than just a NASCAR race event ticket, lodging and transportation.

I believe that it's very important to provide your race TOURing Team with quality NASCAR  TOURing products at fair and affordable prices. You have many choices in this racing tours industry and after you compare a few prices you'll notice that I offer MORE TOUR for LESS MONEY, better tickets, more choices, more fun.  You can have more nights ON TOUR with Boring Bob for the same price of my competing racing tour companies shorter tours.  Check out my VEGAS Plans, using my downtown casino property you can stay with my Vegas TOUR for 4, 5 or 6 nights at the same price or less than my competitors 2 or 3 night Strip property tour packages.  It's only money but wouldn't it be grand if you could get more Las Vegas value for it with Boring Bob's TOURs.

I want to have the BEST NASCAR race tickets available or at least the best required to eXperience the weekend racing EVENT.  Many of the tracks have seating areas that I wouldn't want to sit at and I definitely wouldn't want my cusTOURmers to be burdened with these view obstructed seats.  I won't seat you in a seating area that I wouldn't care to sit at myself.  If the last tickets available are borderline / questionable seating OPTions I'd let you make the decision to join this TOUR or wait until my next TOUR.  Sometimes you just GOTTA BE THERE.

A good idea would be for you to compare the seating options offered from other tour operators and then compare them to my TOUR ticket invenTOURy.  Many times my ticket offerings exceed what the high priced tour includes in their basic packages.

The Boring Bob's TOUR lodging is adequate to better than normal.  What I mean by that is that I'm a NASCAR racing FANatic and it's more important for me to have a better race ticket than a better hotel room.  I can and do have UPGRADE hotel rooms on many of my NICE CAR TOURs but the race TOUR isn't better because I spent more for rooms, it only means that it costs more to TOUR because the hotel chosen for lodging is pricier.

I like to ask my potential race TOURers what type of hotel / motel do they buy when the CASH comes out of their wallet.  Your business travel doesn't count and from what I'm hearing many companies have begun to lower the housing expectations of their traveling road warriors.  I can house you in a pricier TOURinn property but not for the same TOUR price.  There are usually nearby UPGRADE TOURinn properties and I can house you there by adding a TOURcharge to your TOUR package pricing.  The LAST TIME I had TOURers OPT-in for a TOURinn UPGRADE was for the 1992 Daytona 500 and they then had to put 4 people in the room to cut their rooming costs.

My job would be much easier and I could have a few more dollars in my pocket after the TOUR if I used more of these UPGRADE TOURinn properties.  FULL SERVICE HOTELs also mean FULL PRICE in their restaurants and night clubs.  I've stayed at a few of these properties and was amazed at the $15 - 20 breakfasts and exorbitant drink prices.  It just costs too much to be sociable, if you know what I mean.   Many of these UPGRADE properties are in corporate business parks meaning that when you're there, you're there. There isn't a choice of restaurants or nightlife, you're a guest of their property in more ways than one.

When the business traveler is away these corporate / upgrade properties discount their room rates for the leisure traveler / NICE CAR TOURing FANatic.  I can get a great room rate but I believe the price would be too great for my cusTOURmer.  My TOUR package could be priced higher because of the perceived EXTRA value of an UPGRADE property but since I consider myself to be an advocate for the racing FANatic.  I don't want to burden them with high food, drink or entertainment bills and you haven't lived until you get the phone bill from one of these FULL SERVICE hotels.  I was billed for phone charges while I was at the race track.  Housekeeping workers wanted / needed to use my room phone and since I was using a cell phone for all of my calls these eXtra room charges were easy to find. 

My choice of TOURinn properties always have a selection of nearby affordable restaurant, beverage and entertainment venues, usually within a short walking distance. We support the local business person by arranging APRES-race group acTOURvities and get-TOUR-gethers.  We then spend some of our discretionary race TOURing dollars with the local little guy.  They always thank us for our Boring Bob's TOURs NICE CAR racing ECONOMIC IMPACT visits and if we have TOO MUCH FUN, can we really complain.

 When you call 1.800.243.5897 you will talk to Boring Bob.  You are assured of personalized service since this is my self-built / self-grown race TOURing business.  I wasn't the 1st racing TOUR operator and I'm definitely not the best, biggest or fanciest but organizing group travel to NICE CAR racing has been my life for more than 34 years.  I design, organize, develop TOUR-along with BORING BOB NICE CAR racing get-TOUR-way weekends utilizing the principles, standards and ethics cul-TOURvated during my many years of NASCAR race TOURing.

My Boring Bob's Race TOURing business has been constantly changing to stay the same ever since my 1st escorted racing TOUR to the INDY 500 in the MAY of 1975.

Boring Bob is the sole proprietor at his West Allis.WI office / store / distribution center.  You can deal with one person to arrange your TOUR and ticket packages.

Boring Bob has more than 41 years eXperience in the race TOURing business

All of the NICE CAR TOURs pricing and details are ONLY assigned by Boring Bob.  There should be no problem with too many cooks selling TOURs.  VolunTOUR Techs will help in the race days & nights ON TOUR.

YOU're only a GREEN LIGHT away from your next NICE CAR racing advenTOUR with Boring Bob's TOURs.
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