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Joliet / Chicagoland - Milwaukee BUS TOUR - JUN ) JUL 2020

See-CAR-GO-Land NICE CAR Racing Weekend TOUR

JOLIET   Race on DATE is SUMMER 2020

BUS SEATs & TICKETs packages are available

7 row 42 TIX available - Join NOW

40 shuttle BUS seats available - BUY today

BUY, SELL or trade your extra race tickets for CLS 06.19

CALL Boring Bob at 1.800.243.5897 or 1.800.243.5897 - a toll free call
- Today, Tonight or ON TOUR to reserve your TOUR seat, ticket or room

BUS departs SUNday  at 08:08am - BOB time

CLS eta - 10:32am - on SUNday - 

The SUNday ONLY BUS departs Milwaukee at - 08:08:00am - 
ASK for pricing and departure sites information
Times subject to CHANGE

A forever and ever EVOLVING distinctive NA$CAR / NICE CAR TOUR with Boring Bob.
  A little CLOSER to MY West Allis.WI headquarTOURs HOMETOWN Weekend TOUR. 

 THIS year YOU may select a TOUR package offering NO nights lodging to TOUR enroll
 on MY annual See-CAR-GO-Land get-TOUR-way racing weekend AdvenTOUR.

Select the Milwaukee.WI SUNday morning BUS departures
or meet us at Schaumburg.IL - tba as a Road TOURer OPTion.

TOUR PLANs include GREAT TIX, BUS shuttles and Lodging INFO if requested

 for CHICAGOLAND details,
 reservations or MORE INFO -

Mailing address -
Boring Bob's TOURs,
P O Box 14808,
West Allis, WI  53214-0808



Milwaukee BUS DEPARTURE Plans

SUN - MILWAUKEE BUS, 1 TIX - (CUPcar), BUS & NO Lodging
Transportation - SUN morning departure
NO LODGING - NO Nights at a Schaumburg.IL TOURinn - no rooms
TICKETs - MonsTOUR CUPcar Series TIX
SCHUTTLEs - CLS shuttle BUS services - sun

2020 rates
$150.00 per person - row 30 and below
   $170.00 per person - row 31 and above

MILWAUKEE BUS departure Packages are now Available
Call Boring Bob at 1.800.243.5897 for Reservations of more INFO

- 2020 pricing is still from - FRI - 21 SEP 2012
- I've decided to KEEP these OLD prices for a little while longer.
- I've reduced the CLOSEOUT pricing by $00 & $00 today - 12.03.2018

Chicagoland Pay-ME-ents Schedule
    SUMMER 2020 Chicagoland TOUR DEPOSITs Schedule -
    $48.08 per person deposit with a pay-ME-ent due
     every other month until Paid in FULL or balance DUE before 08 FEB 2020

email -

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