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UPDATED - on a WEDnesday


FYI - I don't have an ENDING DATE for SPECIALs

I've decided to leave a few YEARs of Boring Bob SPECIALs
 TOUR DEALs on this website SPECIALs PAGE for a little more time.

  Review some of these Boring Bob TOURs SPECIALs pages of the REAL DEALs
 that I've offered on many PAST years of NICE CAR TOURing.  WHEN you
 find a TOUR DEAL that is TALKING at YOU call me at 1.800.243.5897
 and tell me that you're WANTING to BUY a REAL Boring DEAL.

FYI - IF you don't TELL ME what TOUR DEAL you want, you DON't get a REAL DEAL

FEB 2014 eVents & BIG DEALs
 4.04% per person DISCOUNT for Couples - 2 persons / 1 bed TOUR packages
CALL, EMAIL or teXt NOW  -  see you ON TOUR in 2014

JAN 2014 eVents & BIG DEALs
LET's try this for a while.  The 1st person each day that calls ME at 1.800.243.5897
 and TALKs to ME or leaves a message about a TOUR package will
earn a $48.08 discount on their 2014 eScsorted racing TOUR package.
  You MUST mention that you're SEEKING this 4 BOB DEAL Discount.
send an email to
the 1st email each day will EARN this 4 BOB DEAL Discount
teXt me at 414.321.1307
the 1st teXt each day will EARN this 4 BOB DEAL Discount.

CALL, EMAIL or teXt NOW  -  see you ON TOUR in 2014

DEC 2013 eVents & BIG DEALs
B Bobs - 12 DEAls of DECember

1st DAY ) $8.08 per person / per night DISCOUNT on TOUR packages

a - DAYTONA 500 at $748.92 ppdo
5 nights Orlando lodging, 150, 300 & 500 TICKETs & BUS shuttles
150 & 300 are General Admission seats, 500 is a Lockhart TOWER

3rd DAY ) CELEBRATING Boring Bob's 30th YEAR at the Daytona 500
FREE THUrsday FAN ZONE pass with your 5 nights TOUR package purchase
4th DAY ) 18.08% DISCOUNT for the 2nd person in a double room TOUR package
SELECT from Bristol - MAR, Bristol - AUGust, Joliet - SEP, Phoenix - NOV

5th DAY ) VEGAS MAR - FREE UPgrade to Earnhardt TERRACE or Petty TERRACE

6th DAY ) FIND a DEAL on this SPECIALs page and BUY IT NOW !!

7th DAY ) ALL DECember DEALs eXpire at 09:12am on 06 JANuary 2014

MEET Boring Bob ATs
Boring Bob's TOURs & THRIFT Store - SURPLUS STUFF Relocation Services
7829 W Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, WI 53214
FRIday & SATurday - 10:48am until 04:47pm
SUNday - 10:48am to 03:53pm
MONday - 03:18pm to 07:12pm
TUEsday, WEDnesday & THUrsday - Call for an appointment

NOV 2013 eVents & BIG DEALs - MEET Boring Bob ATs
FRIday & SATurdays - Boring Bob's SURPLUS STUFF Relocation Store
7829 W Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, WI 53214
10:18am until 04:47pm

My NOVember 2013 THANKs & GIVING DEALs
11 adult TOURers may earn 11% off of the 2nd person per room rate
 on these 2014 Boring Bob TOURs
Daytona 500 - FEB, Phoenix - MAR & NOV, Las Vegas - MAR,
Bristol - MAR & AUG, Joliet - SEP

11 adult TOURers may earn $11 off of the 2nd person rate
on these 2014 Boring Bob BUS & TIX packages
Daytona 500 - FEB, Phoenix - MAR & NOV, Las Vegas - MAR,
 Bristol - MAR & AUG, Joliet - SEP,

My IDEs of OcTOURber 2013 SPECIALs
I've decided to have at least 2 SPECIAL OFFERs during my Birthday month.
1st - I'll offer $65 per person TOUR discounts on a double occupancy room package,
2nd - I'll have $65 per month payment plans on your 2014 TOUR package

Too OLD to die young or so I've been To-OLD.
  On or about the IDEs of OcTOURber I'll celebrate the occassion of adding
 yet another year to my NICE CAR racing hisTOURy calendar.

IDEs' like to TOUR with Boring Bob to see DayTOURna.
eXperience the Daytona 500 for MUCH LESS.
 ASK about my see IT ALL packages.

IDEs like to TOUR with Boring Bob to see springtime PHOENIX.
This plan let's us eXperience southwest of the USA weather and NICE CAR racing.

IDEs like to eXplore SIN CITY / LAS VEGAS with Boring Bob.
I'll again offer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more night TOUR packages

My IDEs like to BIG DEAL of the YEAR is to combine both spring
 PHOENIX and LAS VEGAS for a 2 weekends / 4 races get-TOUR-way.
Spring training of the Cactus League and some AriZona sights seeing
 will help fill OUR between NASCAR races DAYs and NIGHTs.

IDEs like to Bristol VolunTOUR with Boring Bob.  JOIN me in the
springtime or see NIGHT-time NICE CAR fall Bowl-VAL racing "ON TOUR"

FINALLY consider mailing Boring Bob a 50th Birthday Card
and I'll share a birthday treat with B Bob "ON TOUR".

When you select your SPECIALs Boring Bob's internet DEAL
 print a copy of this SPECIALs page and the Boring Bob's TOUR page
 you wish to buy then call Boring Bob at 1.800.243.5897 nights after 06:18pm
to reserve YOUR SPECIAL TOUR DEAL before it eXpires.

YOUR Boring Bobs' TOUR DEAL SPECIALs Number 0014
 - 4.04% DISCOUNT per person on 1 bedded rooms

 $12.12 per person TOUR discount on
ALL TOUR packages of TIX, ROOMs & shuttle service

YOUR Boring Bobs' TOUR DEAL SPECIALs Number 0015

WEDnesday, THUrsday, FRIday
WTF - 3 Days & Nights of TOUR BARGAINs
Phoenix NOVember 2013 - Deduct 5% ppdo

 eXpire at 09:12am on / whenever I SAY.  BUY NOW

YOUR Boring Bob's TOUR DEAL SPECIALs Number 0016
Daytona 500 - 5 Nights Package / FREE FAN ZONE ticket
Las Vegas 400 - 5 Nights LAND Package DEDUCT 3% ppdo
Bristol MAR & AUG - Knoxville LAND Packages DEDUCT $18.08 ppdo
A $38 per person deposit Pay-ME-ent will hold your TOUR space to TOUR with Boring Bob

YOUR Boring Bobs' TOUR DEAL SPECIALs Number 0006

LAS VEGAS MAR 2014 - 5 Nights FULL TOUR package
$108.00 per person double occupancy monthly Pay-ME-ents

5 nights FOUR QUEENs Lodging, -
 thu, fri, sat, sun & mon
Section 3, BLUE level seats - NIScar & CUPcar
 race DAYs BUS shuttles - sat & sun

 2013 / 2014 TOURs Payment Plans

Receive an UP to4.04% Per Person DISCOUNT on any Boring Bob's TOUR package
 reserved before I UPdate my website pricing.

4.04% discount SALE price requires a FULL TOUR payment

2.02% discount SALE price requires a 50% TOUR payment
with a 25% payment due 5 months before departure
with the balance due 2 months before departure

$148.08 per person deposit PLANs
Payments due every other month with TOUR balance due 2 months before departure

$48.08 per person deposit PLAN
Payments due every month with the TOUR balance due 3 months before departue

Daytona 500     - FEB 23, 2014
Phoenix    - MAR 02,  2014
Las Vegas     - MAR 09, 2014
Bristol     - MAR 16, 2014
Talladega    - MAY 04, 2014
Michigan    - JUN 15, 2014
Michigan - AUG 17, 2014
Bristol - AUG 23, 2014
Chicagoland - SEP 14, 2014
Phoenix - NOV 09, 2014

Your " BEST PRICED " Racing TOURs
- a GUARANTEE by Boring Bob -

CHECK out my national NASCAR racing tours competition.  When / IF you find a better / lower TOUR price on a
 similar / same NASCAR TOURs package I'll then MATCH their LOWER priced tour package rates when you
decide to BUY my eScorted RACE TOUR package.  I'll then also BUY you a DINNER with Boring Bob "ON TOUR"

FYI - I've had this " BEST PRICED " TOURs guarantee by Boring Bob on this website since AUG 2009
 and so far I haven't had to match a LOWER PRICED tour package rate from my national NASCAR racing
 tours competition or BUY a cusTOURmer a DINNER " ON TOUR ".  Therefore I've decided to BUY you
 a DINNER with Boring Bob "ON TOUR" if when you decide to TOUR enroll send me documentation / a
 copy of your search for a better PRICED NASCAR racing tours package along with your TOURs
 Pay-ME-ent.  You will then have the resposibility to audit my TOURs competition to help me again
 always have the "BEST PRICED" NASCAR Racing TOUR packages in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 & 2014.

 a Boring Bob's TOURing SALE

            Please CALL 1.800.243.5897 after 06:08pm - ASK for TOURing SPECIALs

There are a LIMITED AMOUNT of TOURing products available at these SPECIAL PRICES

Great RATEs on TIX & BUS shuttle services

$48.08 per person TOUR DISCOUNTs too

Boring Bob has more than 38 years eXperience in the race TOURing business.

Race T
OUR enroll with the TOURsMaker today.  I'm looking forward to seeing you ON TOUR.
YOU're only a GREEN LIGHT away from your next racing advenTOUR with Boring Bob's TOURs.

DIAL 1.800.243.5897 for racing TOURs INFO

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