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Things To Do ON TOUR
NOV '16

Phoenix, I-iz-ona TOUR
NIGHTlife advenTOURs & acTOURvities

Changes for NOVember 2016 to be added

Saturdays schedule moved back 3 1/2 hours
Sunday schedule moved ahead 1/2 hour.

I'll adjust neXt week

boring bob - 03:03pm - 10.08.2016

SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Planning purposes ONLY

TUE 08 NOV 2016
B Bob advance departs MKE today for Las Vegas
Nothing like being in SIN CITY for election night.  I get into town mid afternoon and depending on if anyone decides to join or meet me at Vegas I'll make plans according to their desires, wishes and wants.  Possibly stay in Vegas or Laughlin tonight.

WED 09 NOV 2016
After finding out who WINs. I'll probably head on to Laughlin or Flagstaff today.  Stop at the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon views could fill our schedule today.
08:08 - 10:12pm MUSEUM Night Club for 10 penny beers if we  find Flagstaff today.

THU 10 NOV 2016
ARRIVE at Hospitality Suite Resort TODAY
FYI - The HSR now has NO DRINKs with INN Management..  It was SAD to hear of their Unique Selling Possition item being discontinued / dropped entirely. BUT... I had the happenstance to inquire / softly question / quiz an old school long time HSR DRINKs with INN management bartender and I'm now in possession of the official recipe for their ARIZONA SUNSETs.  Guess I'll need to buy some RUM, TRIPLE SEC, ORANGE JUICE and GRENADINE for DRINKs with Boring Bob TOURs Management.
I figure that the INN Management will provide the rooms small plastic drink cups and ice. We will still meet under the canopy of their lanai for SOCIALIZIATION, TOUR talking and one, two or more ARIZONA SUNSETs.
 SEE ya all there Time permitting and Weather allowing..
03:58pm begineth Scottsdale / semi-annual LOOK OUTs at 
Check at the pools to HOWDY and grille planing
05:01pm find NO DRINKs with INN management  for 2016
Socialize with Boring Bob on the lanai NOW. a BORING BOB TOURs review and LOOK-AT-ITs once or twice
05:43pm -     ARRIVE at the NEW restaurant across the street from the HSR
The OPEN SIGN was flashing in the front window enticing me to enter their front door like I've done so many times before.  It was my long time OLD FRIEND beckoning me to reTOURn for another remanincing visit and reunion.  A temporary banner proclaimed that this is an ASIAN Kitchen / Bar. These words are unfamiliar to a dairy country part of the midwest of the USA fella.  With more than a little fear and uncertainy I reached for the door handle that had welcomed my TOUR groups for more than 15 years.  
Slowly opening at first I peeked inside and noticed the still familiar host / hostess stand that had seated my TOUR groups for so many years. I walked the 8 steps required to meet up with these NEW PEOPLEs ASIAN Kitchen / Bar.  I was FRIENDLY greeted and was comfortable at 1st glance.  ASKING to see the menu I was prepared to be SURPRISED and YES I was surprised.  It was like nothing else I had ever read before.
I felt PANIC and FEAR arrive immeditely, I desired to leave at once.  If I had to take one for the TOURing Team now was as good a good time as eVer to perseveir and forge forward. I read through their OPENING menu and saw the words of fish cake, shrimp, U-10 scallop, black mussel, clam, Korean spicy kimchi, tofu, cold tofu, quail egg, fresh water eel, calamari, squid leg, seaweed salad, baby octopus, poke salad and spam. I have NEVER seen these items in anything that my mother had cooked in small town WIsconsin or had I  seen in my BIG CITY travels.
My reviewing straTOURgy was to LOOK for a few words that I've seen or heard of before.  I considered pork, marinated beef, vegetables, chopped onion, green onion, carrots, deep fried chicken, home made alfredo sauce and chicken wing.  I was seated at my requested usual booth by the side street window.  The server that worked my seating area how had the desire to FLEE.  I had found 3 to 5 inTOURestng menu items and then asked her to suggest to me which ones I'd hate the least.  Hows that for beginning a first impression and hopefully a long friendship ?
Did I mention that this NEW restaurant had only opened on FRIday just 6 short NIGHTs ago.  It was so completely NEW that the across the street HSR TOURinn wasn't aware that the ASIAN KITCHEN / BAR soft OPENING had begun.  I figure that I may have been one of their 1st 808 customers.
My server may have been named Patience as she helped me decide which menu item I would hate the least.  WE decided that TANG SOO YUK was what I'd not like the WORST.  Therefore I ordered the TSY and hoped that it was the BEST of my try some list of NEW ASIAN Kitchen menu items.
A short time later a hot plate of TSY was presented at my Boring Bob booth table along with a fork.  My server knew that I didn't look like I could open the chop sticks packaging.  I should have also asked for a knife but I didn't want to cause more panic in the world of ASIAN CUISINE.  I had already asked what the white Stuff on the plate was and Patience replied FRIED PORK. Becoming all suave and cool had become impossible NOW. 
DID I mention that this TANG SOO YUK was very GOOD.
THU 10 NOV 2016
    MEET & GREET Boring Bob's I-iz-ona adult TOURers
MKE - PHX - AIR BORING via SouthWest Airlines
00:00am    SouthWest Airlines DEPART Milwaukee, WIsconsin
00:00am -  BREAKFAST at JAXONs.  Hopefuly the traditional style.
00:00am    ARRIVE at SKY HARBOR, Phoenix, AZ
00:00am    Don't call HSR for their NO complimentary shuttle
                  service from Sky Harbor
00:00am    ARRRIVE at HSR TOURinn - Jim & Mike scheduled on SWA air
                  BBT HINT - Our Scottsdale.AZ ROOMs may not be aVailable for our early check-in until 03:02pm.  You may Consider beginning your SouthWest DAYtime advenTOUR with a lunch at one of the many neighborhood food facTOURies or drink stores. 
FYI - there are 67 restaurants within 1 mile, 169 food shop stops within 2 miles, 489 grub stops within 3 miles and 999 restaurants within 5 miles.  It would seem to be impossible to starve on this PHX TOUR but I'm certain that someone will go on and on about having to choose.  Having TOO many food & drink OPTions is burdensome.  Besides some CUISINE and feeding consider other alTOURnate acTOURvities.  ASK / inQuire about rental CARs being available from nearby / within walking distance agencies servicing the HSR & Boring Bob TOURs.
11:53am MEET up  with rental car driving Fritz & Diana
MAYBE ride out to PIR to pick up our SATurday TIX at will call
12:28am    Your TOURsday NOONer with Boring Bob

the TEXAZ GRILL / 602.248.7827 / 602.248.STAR
 6003 n 16th street, Phoenix.AZ / at Bethany Home

LETs DO OUR LUNCH,  We will dine at my favorite AZ steakhouse SPUDs with BUMPs, BEEFes & HOT FUDGE sundaes too.  Alumni Phoenix, I-iz-ona TOURers insist that we return for our annual Phoenix TOURsday More Grub & Gift shop FEST.  Probably group TOURgether to share CABs or BUS to meet at the TEXAZ GRILL.

the TEXAZ GRILL / 602.248.7827 / 602.248.STAR
 6003 n 16th street, Phoenix.AZ / at Bethany Home
12:28 to 01:39pm    - LUNCH with Boring Bob
        I'm looking out fer their CHICKEN & DUMPLINGs. See You there. Yum, Yum, Yummy.  GOOD for KIDs & B Bob adulTOURers.

HARVEYs WINE BURGER / 602.248.9950
 4812 N 16th street, Phoenix.AZ
01:58 to 02:39pm    - An ONE MORE AZ DRINKs anyone ?
        A millennium year visit confirmed that the wine burgers are SPECIAL, try the bottled JUICE flavored soda pop. Ask about their BADGER CONNECTION. Only a STOP n' SIP - We're IN 'n OUT, we'll have one or maybe a quick two.
        In 2013 we found a Vintage backroom bowling machine and had enough adult TOURers for a bowling TOURnament. Big PABST CANs were on special and we drank all they had.  Maybe that's why we couldn't SCORE but we believed the machine anyways and found an adult TOURer bowling machine PHX TOUR winner.

03:02pm    HSR Boring Bob's TOURinn CHECK-inn now

        409 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale.AZ  85257
03:32 - 04:39pm    SIESTA / NAP TIME
04:52 - 04:59pm    B Bob Hordes assemble on the LANAI
05:00 - 06:30pm    NO DRINKs with HSR management
           MEET & GREET Boring Bob's I-iz-ona racing adult TOURers
Showcasing the reTOURing Boring Bobs Greater MARSHAL Garden Club and  Waterloo Travelling TEA SOCIETY.

GRILLING with Boring Bob
07:08 - 08:08pm    LET's practice with BRATs & wieners
 & Boring Bob is my Race TOURing PAL Night
08:34pm to 10:03pm or ???  at
JAXONs / 480.949.5115
    located within the HOSPITALITY SUITE RESORT
        409 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale.AZ  85257

FRIday    11 NOV 2016
12:28pm GrandMa 24 etal TOURinn arrives
01:12pm Picnic at the A or B Building Pool & Grille area

    PIR - Schedule
10:00 - Spectator Gates Open
10:45am - Camping World Truck Series Qualifying
12:00 - 01:25pm NSCS practice
01:30 - 02:25pm x-FiS ractice
03:00 - 04:25m x-FiS final practice
04:45pm -             NSCS Qualifying (all positions)
06:30pm -             LUCAS OIL 150 NASCAR Trucks race

04:52 - 04:59pm    B Bob Hordes assemble on the LANAI
05:00 - 06:30pm    NO DRINKs with HSR management
MEET & GREET Boring Bob's I-iz-ona racing adult TOURers
TALK at Boring Bob ASK for your TOUR DEAL discount NOW.

Mosey on into JAXONs for our traditional WISCONSIN style FRIday Night FISH FRY while watching the PIR trucks race on the TVs at JAXONs. stay for the TED LAKE to do too.

Remembering TED LAKE Get-TOUR-gether & TOUR Gathering
08:08 to 10:28pm or ???
JAXONs / 480.949.5115
        409 n Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale.AZ  85257

SATurday    13 NOV 2016
PIR - xFiScar race is TOURday
08:58am - assemble at the HSR Bus loading ZONE
12:44pm    B Bob's BUS-mobile departs HSR
10:02pm    B Bob's BUS-mobile arrives at PIR BUS parking lot

    PIR - Schedule
09:30 - 10:25am    NSCS Practice
00:00pm -             X-FIS qualifying (all positions)
00:00 - 00:00pm    NSCS final practice
00:00pm                DAV 200 Honoring Americas' Veterans
00:00pm    Boring Bobs BUS-mobile departs the PIR BUS Lot
                - 28 MINUTEs after the a-FiScar checkers
09:18pm    B Bobs Bus-mobile arrives at HSR TOURinn
04:52 - 04:59pm    B Bob Hordes assemble on the LANAI
05:00 - 06:30pm    NO DRINKs with HSR management
    MEET my 14 TIMEs Phoenix TOURers GRANDMA 24 & Cindy
Boring Bob's I-iz-ona racing adult TOURers
TALK at Boring Bob - ASK for your neXt TOUR DEAL discount NOW.

a DINNER recommended by BORING BOB
07:34pm    SaunTOUR / WALK her on over PARADE to
    PHILLY's Sports Bar & Grill / 480.946.6666
        1826 N Scottsdale Road, Tempe.AZ  85281
07:40 to 08:33pm    DINNER is NOW.
            "The PORK in the box is really GOOD" says Cindy

07:34pm    Bob-ber-QUE on the LANAI grills
                every one does something and WE ALL gets FED

an alTOURnate BUS Pilot Carl Memorioal DINNER PLAN III
06:47pm    - depart HSR from the BUS loading ZONE
07:18pm    - arrive at the TEXAZ GRILL / 602.248.7827 
                    6003 n 16th street, Phoenix.AZ / at Bethany Home
07:23 - 08:28pm    Remembering CARL DINNER & sTOURies
08:51pm    - BUS drop off at HSR

BORING BOB's 27th annual / 2nd annual Phoenix Sat-TOUR-day NIGHT RED SHOEs Pageant & Boring Bob LIKEs LOOK Contest
08:38 to 09:42pm    SEEK our Miss RED SHOEs Phoenix 2016
    at JAXONs / 480.949.5115
        409 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale.AZ  85257
09:47 to 10:18pm    RED SHOEs Pageant afTOUR glow
        APPEASE defeatees and NIGHT CAPs

SUNday 13 NOV 2016
PIR - CUPcar RACE is TOURday
06:59am - assemble at the HSR Bus Loading ZONE
07:13am    B Bob's BUS-mobile departs HSR
08:35am    Boring BOBs BUS arrives at PIR BUS parking lot
09:36 to 10:43am visit B Bobs SUITE-on-wheels at BUS lot
10:30am EVER CLEAR Pre-Race Concert
12:00pm - Pre-Race Ceremonies Begins
12:30 to 03:59pm    CUPcar 500k race - 312 laps
04:33pm    Boring Bob's BUS departs PIR BUS Parking Lot
                        - 34 MINUTEs after the CUPcar checkers
05:44pm    B Bob's BUS-mobile arrives at HSR TOURinn

05:49 - 05:51pm    B Bob Hordes assemble on the LANAI
05:51 - 06:30pm    NO DRINKs with HSR management
LETs HOWDY and Race TOUR CHAT-a-tat with ROAD TOURers
TALK at B Bob ASK - for your 2017 TOUR DEAL discount NOW.

APRESrace GALA & WE Believe Epiloge Dinner
07:08 - 08:33pm    a FINE DINNER recommended by B Bob
     was the LoCASCIO's Italian Restaurant / 480.000.0000
        LoCATEd across the street from the HSR
        2210 N Scottsdale Road, Tempe.AZ  85257

APRESrace GALA OPTion I - TV VIEW - the SUNday Night FOOTsBall
     was LoCASIO's Sports BAR, it's in the back - casual menu & 1st half then to JAXONs Sports BAR at HSR - a drinks & TALK for the 2nd half of the game

MONday 14 NOV 2016
09:17am    HSR TOURinn check out
11:45am    SouthWest Airlines depart SKY Harbor
12;15pm arrive at LAX - Los Angeles
02:15pm depart LAX -Los Angeles.CA airport

    FYI - PACK your PIR souvineer program in your CARRY ON bag
08:05pm    SWA arrive at MKE - Billy Mitchell Int'l Airport - Milwaukee.WI
      10 DAY ALUMNI SALE begins NOW - TOUR enroll for PIR 11.17 

You're only a GREEN LIGHT away from your neXt NICE CAR racing advenTOUR with Boring Bobs'.  DIAL 1.800.243.5897 for YOUR racing TOURs INFO.

Nobody TOURs like Boring Bob....  ain't wrong, just different

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