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Nobody TOURs like Boring Bob....  ain't wrong, just different

Boring Bob TOURs

I'm taking a wait / see policy until this Covid-19 is behind us.
SO far I've been in an almost 6 months HIATUS since returning from MAR Phoenix.
The year started out exceptionally with me having TOUR packages aVailable for
3 of the first 4 NASCAR eVents of 2020. Daytona / Vegas / Phoenix.

I HATE THIS Covid-19 e-con-NO-MONEY problem.

SO far GOOD NEWs - A few of my DD alumni adult TOURers have started to
travel again returning from cross country vacations to Florida and California.

SO because of them I have gone ahead and bought my
AIRFARE to Phoenix in the NOVember of 2020.

Consider joining me as I work to rebuild my race TOURing business.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in the land of FUN in the SUN.

I have my AIR, TIX and bus shuttle reservations.  Whenever you're
comfortable with group travel. Let me know. I'll build you a
REAL Boring Bobs Phoenix southwest adVenTOUR 2020.

If group travel may still be scary to you and yours consider
trying one of my GhostingTOURs.  A HIATUS idea I dreamt up
during all of this Quarantine Free Time at the Boring Manor.

GhostingTOURs is a product of me planning your TOURs and that you
travel independently of the Boring BobsTOUR group. We may on
occasion meet up ON TOUR but you'll travel ON YOUR own. Let me know.

" GOOD TOURs for NASCAR Racing FANatics "

Boring Bob's SPECIAL 45th Anniversary 2020 TOUR DEALs
 - I'll keep my TOURs pricing from 2014 until this Covid-19 HIATUS is behind us.

BUY a TOUR DEAL today.

YOUR QUEST to buy affordable NASCAR auTOURsport racing weekend
and quality NASCAR event tickets has guided you to this Boring Bob's TOURs web site.

FYI - I don't change this Boring Bob's website very often.  The INFO is fairly accurate and when
 I've been offering the same Boring Bob's NASCAR TOURs for 34 or more years they become the same
 only minor adjustments when needed.  Why change when they are already REAL BORING.

TOUR-along with Singles, Couples, Families, Groups, Honeymooners, Moms,
Pops & Boring Bob. Don't procrasTOURnate, call your NASCAR race TOURing friends today,
get you group TOUR-gether for a GENUINE BORING BOB's NICE CAR get-TOUR-way.

I've been developing NICE CAR Racing TOURs since the MAY of 1975
Join me ON TOUR in my 43rd ANNIVERSARY YEAR of race TOURing.

Call Boring Bob at 1.800.243.5897
to tell me WHAT RACE TOURing DEAL you want to BUY TODAY.

I'll then price a VERY SPECIAL NASCAR TOUR DEAL Rate for your Race
TOURing TEAM according to your dreams, desires, needs, wants and wishes.

Thanks for being a Boring Bob's Famous eScorted Racing TOURs cusTOURmer.
I'm accepting 2018 / 2019 TOUR reservations / deposits and payments NOW.

Boring Bob's 2020 Race TOURing Schedule

Daytona 500 FEB 2021    Vegas 400 FEB 2021

Phoenix  MAR 2021   Bristol  APR 

Talladega  APR ,   ChicagoLand  JUN ) JUL 

Bristol  SEP 2020,    Vegas  SEP 2020,   Phoenix NOV 2020

I design, organize, develop and promote TOUR-along with Boring Bob NICE CAR racing

 get-TOUR-way weekends utilizing the principles, standards and ethics cul-TOURvated

 during my many years of NASCAR race TOURing.

ALL NICE CAR get-TOUR-way racing weekend packages
are personally guided / escorted by
mass TOURer BORING BOB.  You will always deal with the founder / owner.  The original
CAN TOUR MAN.  Use my more than 40 years of NICE CAR race TOURing hisTOURy to
eXperience a REALLY BORING BOB's NASCAR racing weekend get-TOUR-way advenTOUR.

DID anyone notice that the YEARs of 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017  / 2018 were like NO others
before and there is no longer a business model of doing business as USUAL ?  Therefore I'll continue offering
 DEALs, BARGAINs and PLANs to encourage you to race TOUR again with Boring Bob in  2019 & 2020.

The easiest way for you to earn one of these discounted TOUR DEALs is to
call BORING BOB  at 1.800.243.5897 for LIVE PHONE chat

 eVening phone HOURs - MONday, TUEsday, WEDnesday, THUrsday & FRIday
CALL betwiXt 09:38pm
day & eVening phone HOURs on- SATurday & SUNday
CALL betwiXit 10:38am to 09:32pm  

TeXt anyTIME, any DAY at 1.414.321.1307

WE can then talk and build a Boring Bob-ized TOUR Plan for your race TOURing Team.
  Dial 414.321.1307 local to make a 43rd ANNIVERSARY SALE DEAL with Boring Bob.

If the Boring Bob's TOUR Package you select consists of TIX, BUS shuttles and
 ROOM NIGHTs you will qualify for my 44th YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE DISCOUNTs.
Boring Bob's Famous eScorted racing TOURs feaTOUR
 transportation, quality lodging, always great NASCAR eVent race TIX
 R/T dedicated deluXe charTOUR shuttle BUS services, apresRACE
GHTlife acTOURvities / advenTOURs, STUFF & SUCH NICE FRIENDs.

My NICE CAR Racing TOURs beginnith / depart via AIR,
deluXe moTOURcoach or car / van from Milwaukee.WI. 

You may also NICE CAR race TOUR enroll 
and join the Boring Bob's TOUR group at our gateway destination CITY
 for a LAND TOUR PACKAGE Boring Bobs' TOUR OPTion.

 The Boring Bob's Race TOURing business has been constantly changing to stay the
same ever since my 1st escorted racing TOUR to the INDY 500 in the MAY of 1975.

A plethora of hours in deep study, map reading, planning, plotting / scheming, hisTOURy,
past TOURing experience and many miles of TOUR drive-bys have been utilized to
construct the Boring Bob's Famous NICE CAR eScorted Racing TOURs caTOURloge.

This Boring Bob's TOURs 2019 / 2020 roster of selected NASCAR Monster CUPcar points
races includes eVents at race tracks that Boring Bob's TOURing eXperience
has deemed to be " WORTH " the EFFORT and EXPENSE to attend.

Sometimes other racing VENUEs qualify to be on my rosTOUR of TOURing events but there
 isn't sufficient inTOURest 
to organize BUS TOURs every year.  I then refer my
cusTOURmers to racing tours operated by my fellow NORTOP associates.
NORTOP is my National Organization for Racing TOUR Operators and Promoters.
 We've all been in the racing tours business for many years, have quality NASCAR TIX, 
lodging plans and use motorcoaches for track shuttles.  

If your preferred NASCAR racing event isn't on my 2018 / 2019 ) 2020 rosTOUR
TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT.  I'll help you select my NORTOP tour operator
best suited for WHAT YOU WANT.  I'll review their touring plans, make suggestions
to you on what I believe to be the best solution to have you see NICE CAR racing.

 Unfortunately you're TOURing without Boring Bob but you'll at least be at the NICE CAR races.
I can help in making your reservations and introduce you to the correct operaTOUR.

PRICING should always be a consideration in your RACE TOURing weekend
selection.  Consider your capital limitations, recognize what you require for
YOUR NICE CAR race TOURing OPTions. Acknowledge that steak & caviar
cannot be purchased on a lunch meat budget. The more you crave, the MORE
you will pay to have the BORING BOB's NICE CAR racing weekend advenTOUR
of your dreams, wishes and desires.  Extra VALUE isn't just for meals anymore.

DUE to the various NICE CAR Race TOURing OPTions available in planning your
NASCAR racing weekend get-TOUR-way package it's difficult to display every
Boring Bob's TOUR pricing OPTion on these pages.  PLEASE dial / call
Boring Bob at 1.800.243.5897 - nationwide or 414.321.1307 - local.

 I will then BORING BOB-ize a custom race weekend TOURing package
according to the wants / needs, dreams and desires of your Race TOURing Team.

Boring Bob has more than 43 years eXperience in the race TOURing business.  Race
TOUR enroll with the original TOURsMaker today.  I'm looking forward to seeing you ON TOUR.  

YOU're only a GREEN LIGHT away from your next racing advenTOUR with Boring Bob's TOURs.

 DIAL Boring Bob at 1.800.243.5897 for racing TOURs INFO

MAILING Address is

Boring Bob TOURs
P O Box 14808
West Allis, WI  53214-0808

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